A transcript from last night's night out:

"Excuse me, sir", says the bouncer at the Green Iguana nightclub to Mike. "Can you turn around? I need to see the back of your shirt". [...] "I might have to ask you to tuck your shirt in after 9 pm", he continues.

What? Only in America...

At 9 o'clock this morning we went across the Tampa Bay bridge to the city next door. Blessed with an amazing skate plaza and beautiful white beaches, St Petersburg is - as you understand - not a place one easily dislikes. Neither did I.

Plaza overview.

Ollie sad, is a trick that always gets me in a good mood.

We skated the plaza for an hours before getting some breakfast at a nearby Popeyes chicken & biscuits. After a "healthy" meal the plaza got revisited and a couple of hours of serious sessioning began. And by the way: Squirrels like fried chicken (got proof on video).

Fedora hat and pine trees in the background: Bs five-0 by Mr Myself.

Sun, palm trees, the beach and a full moon without the thunder.

After skating we went to Treasure Island to swim. Refreshed by the Gulf we returned to yet another night of fishing. And guess what? I caught a fish this time! Still as small and catless as yesterdays catch. But I still caught me a fish! Felt sad for the little bastard, so I threw him back in the lake... I'm such a good guy.



High life.

Fishing for catfish turned out to be pretty damn hard. I got a plastic bag, but Mike got a fish. Not a big catfish though. Not even a catfish. Not even big. Haha. But it was a fish. Guess which one of the two pictures below that tells the truth?

Mike and the catch of the day. Yay!

Tomorrow we're off to Vista skatepark in St Petersburg. We'll try to go there pretty early - so we can get some footage before it is packed. Good night!



Things got broken today. But things also got fixed.

First of all my laptop's fan gave up, and it wasn't until after massive surgery with a bread knife (true story) and some small screwdrivers that I was able to get it working again. Actually, I just got it running again (wouldn't have been able to write this stuff otherwise).

Anyway, the second thing that broke today was my arm. Well, not the bone. But almost. The board flew up and hit my arm as hard as ever right above the elbow. Poor, poor me. Partially paralyzed.

God bless Tiger Balm.

A house surrounded by trees with Spanish moss. Or is it the beards of Ents? Quite possibly. Still, it's hard to know and it is quite a while before I'll watch the Lord of the Rings again. Don't watch that movie without certain company. Speaking of certain company: It's a full moon tomorrow (or tomorrow night, to be precise). Too bad I can't see the whole thing. Haha. This has probably been the longest caption I've ever written (and only one person, except myself, understands what I'm saying)... Sorry.

Later today I'm going fishing with Mike. Gonna try and catch some catfish in a nearby river. Yeah!