Some good old friends of mine from Sweden came down and "made party" as the Germans say. Made party indeed. And skate of course...
We had the best of times.
Skateboard is a team-sport.
They arrived early on a Wednesday morning. Semi-drunk, tired as fuck and happy as hell. After a falafel breakfast from the local Imbiss I took my friends to the little neighborhood square for a game of ping-pong. Quite a few games later we went to Yaam. Together with some locals and a gang of shredding scotsmen we tore the ramp to pieces. An awesome session! Mix that with perfect weather and beer and you have yourself a pretty fucking amazing day.
The next days we just kept on going...
Eine kleine Verletzung.
Should I stay or should I go? Warm-up in the vertramp. One of those great ideas... 
Mr Newman's first vert grind. Hooray!
First try.
Second try.
Wallride by Mr Kantonen.
Görlitzer Park is fun even when it rains.
Kickflip 1.
Kickflip 2.

Over the door and far away.
Last night: Beer at Franken.


Ah, and the sun returneth...
After a what seemed like a million years of cold bitter horrible darkness the capital of Germany is once again the warm and wonderful place it was meant to be.
Picnic in Görlitzer Park with Kira.


المملكة المغربية
Me and Kira Kira went to Morocco to skate and chill...
Agadir had great skatespots, Essaouira was beautiful and Marrakech was crazy. I mean totally crazy. Walking in the narrow labyrinth of the souk surrounded by the smells of exotic spices and thousands of people while at the same time being almost hit by speeding scooters and almost trodden on by donkeys and... Well, you better go see for yourself - it's intense!
Ditch flip.
We stayed in a honeymoon suite in Agadir, a cute little place in Marrakech and a windy surf hostel in Essaouira. Our accomodation ranged from having our own roof terrace to putting mint leaves on the bed to hide the smell of wet dog. Haha.
Great food: Tajine, kick-ass cilantro olives, fresh squeezed OJ and the best bread in the world.
Baywatch fashion.