Some days I just have to go skate. Even if I am in a small town so bereft of proper places to skate that it is hard to believe it. And even if it is raining.
This particular Saturday was one of those days. Cats and dogs fell from the sky and, like common trolls, me and my sidewalk surfing friend sought shelter under a bridge. The bank under this bridge is considered a classic Västervik spot (i.e. extremely rare and really bad in a funny way) and with the exception of a short run-up, crappy ground, rough uneven tiles and gravel and dirt everywhere - it is a pretty decent spot! Haha.
Backside kickflip.
Frontside pop shove-it.
Troll country.
Somewhere over the rainbow.
Tomorrow I'm going back to Stockholm.




What a day!




It is still warm enough for swimming. And for BBQ. After cheese dogs and beer at Fredhäll me and Niclas went to the smallest ramp in the city.




"Polisen i Knashulta efterlyser Rålismannen...


Han är lika bred som lång med fyrkantig mun och rutiga ögon. Han har en vårta på högra framtanden och haltar lite på vänster armbåge. Vid försvinnandet var han klädd i hög hatt med blixtlås, skär sparkdräkt och fyra par gummistövlar. Man fruktar att han irrar omkring på en råtta i parkleken med en kall klick havregrynsgröt i båda armhålorna. Den som kan ge upplysningar eller lämna in Rålismannen till polisen får havregrynsgröten i belöning."


Fun as hell, but pretty much intranslatable.


Yeah, it is time for me to return to reality. A bit more than half a year of awesomeness is now over and it is with a heavy heart I'm pulling up stakes. I'm going to miss Berlin.
Like crazy.
Me - grindin'.

Nollie big heel by Arthur.
But I'll be back. And next summer I'm living here again. Oh yes.
With the exception of my beautiful little little Eskimo cat Kira I'll miss the days at Yaam with my friends. Best time of my life. Thanks guys - you are awesome.
Yaam locals forever.