The German capital is a pretty big city and, as is the case with most big cities, has many suburbs. A few days ago we left the comfortable hipster life of Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain and took the S-bahn towards the Eastern parts of Berlin.
Our mission was to find a "natural" quarter pipe, supposedly located in the Marzahn/Hellersdorf area. And there it was. In a small park populated with one drunk guy, two teen girls and three old people. Yay! Let's skate!
A very laid-back layback.


Yeah! Another beautiful day. This one, like many others, started with a session in the miniramp at Yaam. Then ice cream. After that me and Elliot skated a spot in Kreuzberg and then we, together with two locals, went to Treptower park to skate this Soviet war memorial. Then more ice cream. 
Lost in the park.
Haters gonna hate.
Aussie tailslide.


I haven't been posting much lately. Sorry 'bout that.
It's been a few rainy days, but now the sun is back where it is supposed to be. Right here in Berlin. Before the sun came, however, some skaters from Lund, Sweden where here. That was nice. And very funny. While skating with them at Tempelhof skatepark I heard the following:
Random German hipster girl: "Are you Swedish?"
My friend John: "Yes I am. How did you know?"
Random German hipster girl: "You have a beard and you are stretching."
My friend John: "Ah."
Hahahaha. Hilarious!
Now to what you all been waiting for: The photos!
Thomas has no bones.
Bored with skating the miniramp Sami escaped to the basketball court.