Yeah, so I have only a few days left on this awesome adventure. 4 months around the world. Not something I'll be able to do again soon I guess...
It's been fantastic. Almost too good to be true.
Right now I'm in NYC on a rooftop with a friend and my skateboard. Pretty sweet view.
Sunset kickflip on a downtown NYC rooftop. Freedom tower in the background.


Hi ya'll!
I've been here in the Dirty South quite a while now. Eat, sleep and skate. All day every day. Can't complain. Me and Matt have found this wonderful abandoned piece of land in the suburb of Collierville. Ravaged by a tornado a few years ago the secluded area is now a perfect place to skate. Noone bothers us and there are tons (litterally tons) of metal junk to build things with. Pretty sweet. Pretty sweet indeed.
I ollie from one discarded piece of cubicle wall to another.
Matt picks his nose atop a broken aircondition unit size XL.
New York City next week. Kinda excited.