Bulan Madu!
The adventure continues...
Fourth stop: Back on the Gili islands. Meno first and then Air. Built another DIY obstacle and had a fun session with the locals.
Cheers baby!
Coconut slalom.

"Hey! Romantic couple!" the locals would call to us when we passed.
Fifth stop: Jimbaran, Bali. Private pool once again. Mango shakes in the gazebo and walks on the beach. A wonderful way to end this trip. 
My wife.


Half way through this wonderful journey to the other side of the world...
So far so good.
First stop: One night in Kuta. Met some friends and arranged transport to the Gili islands.
Second stop: Gili Air. Snorkeling with turtles, feeding kittens and teaching the local kids how to skate. I truly love this island.
A tropical fs five-0 on a grindbox made from driftwood. Gili Air's first skate park.
Third stop: Ubud, Bali. Also a pretty great place. Surprizingly sunny (it is supposedly rain season), good food and massage every day. We stayed two nights in the "city" and then two more out in the country side surrounded by rice fields. Private pool, of course. Haha. It was so luxurious that it was akward.
The Weather Gods have blessed our honeymoon. Sunshine every day in Ubud during rain season.