I always wanted to go to New York so when I went to Memphis to study I decided to go to on the first long holiday. Fall break came and I left the Dirty South for an even dirtier place. This is what happened...
Originally I was gonna fly, but then I (for reasons unknown) came up with the idea of going by bus. And so I did... As I had hoped the busride turned out to be quite an adventure. We visited Nashville, Cincinnati, Pittsburg and New Jersey on the way. We also got a visit from the Sheriff... Some guy behind me was apparently a wanted criminal and during the night the bus stopped and two sheriffs came onboard with weapons out and took him away (to jail?).
The Appalachian mountains and Manhattan from the Jersey side of the Hudson river...
When I first arrived in New York I thought it looked exactly like I'd expected it would... Busy people running around trying to look even more busy than they were, yellow cabs and rats on the subway tracks. The only relaxed people I met in New York were the skaters. Hanging out at the Brooklyn Banks or somewhere else you always felt welcome. The New York skaters are really friendly!
Growing up watching videos like "Eastern Exposure 3 - Underachievers" made me fall in love with the red brick banks in New York. The banks are, despite the name, located in Manhattan - but under the Brooklyn Bridge. Today the legendary spot is a legal place to skate and it is a great place to meet skaters from both New York and the rest of the world!
NYC local Rob Campbell blast an ollie to fakie and Kanoufi Guillaume frontside wallrides a pillar.
A childhood dream come alive: Kickflip to fakie in the red brick Brooklyn banks.
French boy Kanoufi nollies out of a wallride with a graceful tweak.
After a couple of hours skating the rough red bricks we decided to go to the skatepark in chinatown.
Full throttle!!! Mr Bryan Dewitt is back from the land of the dead with a smooth fs blunt... Skating a skatepark is a lot of fun, but nothing beats real street skating. Platypus' do-it-yourself guru Anders Almgren (me) slides a wooden TV in a back alley in China town right before taking the subway over to Brooklyn...
The place where I stayed was in Brooklyn and you just had to take the G-train a couple of stations to get to the KCDC skateshop. And so I did.... While skating the shop's miniramp I met Yancy Schwartz (feeble) and Davon Winston (fs flip). Session! Tired from skating all day we took the train back to Manhattan and skated through the night traffic to a nice little bar located on the Lower East Side... The rest is kinda blurry, but I'm pretty sure I had a blast (judging from the pictures I took).
Time for bed. But not before Peter has done a backside five-O on dark Brooklyn street... This mellow yellow grindable thing is located really close to the coolest skateshop ever, KCDC. The morning after I just hung around the city writing what you are currently reading.
...but before I left the Big Apple I walked around manhattan one last time and since I didn't have much time before the bus left I stayed more or less around the area of Port authority bus terminal, Time square and Broadway. I found three Swedish thing. A street named Raul Wallenberg, a Volvo and Beowulf (The main hero sails from Sweden to Denmark etc. ) On Broadway I stumbled upon some cops and we started talking. They were really awesome. But then again, everything in New York is really, REALLY awesome... Bye!