Enjoying a Subway sandwich after a nice session in the Pit. The Weather has been nice today and we've been skating all day long - tearing up the basement without ceiling. This is what happened today:

Ezra pops trough the handlebar gap.

William lent me some paint while he was working on his elephant. "Heja Sverige!"

Me and my fat-tired bike arrived at the Pit around noon and soon thereafter Matt and Megan showed up. A quick warm-up and then we started filming. Matt got a good line and I got some nice tricks aswell. When we were done this dude, William, showed up with a backpack full of spraycans. He started doing a really cool elephant on one of the walls (a better picture will be posted tomorrow).

And an hour later Zach, Ezra and some other dudes showed up.

Time for a second session! Yay!

All of a sudden two cops appear out of nowhere.

"Oh shit!"

But they were cool:

"We just wanted to see what ya'll were doing down there."

Zach - 180 fakie nosegrind

Pose and drink - that's what we do!

We're going back tomorrow. The Pit is so hot right now.