Not as much Sci-Fi as the original, but this hitchhiker's guide still has a lot of craziness to offer.

Yes, it has been a weird trip - and it started out like this:

Bored with Memphis, I held my Swedish thumb high up in the American autumn air and got a ride from a girl named Dawn (just before dusk). She was going to Chattanooga. Hella nice! We drove through 4 states in 4 hours: Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia before re-entering the Volounteer state in it's south-eastern corner...

Thumbs up! Hitchhiking in blue suede shoes.

The rolling hills of Tennessee. H is for Homer.

Had some really good food at a diner somewhere out in the sticks: Grilled catfish, baked potatoes, hush puppies and - the local specialty - fried green tomatoes. Yummy! The waitress had never met enyone from Sweden before, not even from another country, so she was pretty stoked on me. Hahaha... Spoke some Swedish and made her day. Awesome!

"It kinda looks like it's on a brain", said Dawn. "Sure does", I answered. And yes, if you see a rainbow - you're probably on acid.

This is why they are called the Smoky Mountains. Beautiful, won't you say?


Larry loves his country.

Chattanooga proved to be a fun city, but it was the ride there and back that was the best. Dawn wanted to go rock-climbing and I wanted to go skateboarding (!), but since it rained constantly from the moment we arrived we had to come up with a plan B:

Thrift stores, beer sampling and head shops became the solution. So yes, we still had a pretty good time...

Falling water and turning leaves.

A picture worthy of a Red House Painters cover. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Tennessee river.

It was possible to have fun without my skateboard.

Got rather drunk one night and went to a Wal-mart to by scented candles. Hahaha... Cinnamon Apple. What the hell?

"When in Rome..."

All in all: Chattanooga rocks even when it's raining!