A transcript from last night's night out:

"Excuse me, sir", says the bouncer at the Green Iguana nightclub to Mike. "Can you turn around? I need to see the back of your shirt". [...] "I might have to ask you to tuck your shirt in after 9 pm", he continues.

What? Only in America...

At 9 o'clock this morning we went across the Tampa Bay bridge to the city next door. Blessed with an amazing skate plaza and beautiful white beaches, St Petersburg is - as you understand - not a place one easily dislikes. Neither did I.

Plaza overview.

Ollie sad, is a trick that always gets me in a good mood.

We skated the plaza for an hours before getting some breakfast at a nearby Popeyes chicken & biscuits. After a "healthy" meal the plaza got revisited and a couple of hours of serious sessioning began. And by the way: Squirrels like fried chicken (got proof on video).

Fedora hat and pine trees in the background: Bs five-0 by Mr Myself.

Sun, palm trees, the beach and a full moon without the thunder.

After skating we went to Treasure Island to swim. Refreshed by the Gulf we returned to yet another night of fishing. And guess what? I caught a fish this time! Still as small and catless as yesterdays catch. But I still caught me a fish! Felt sad for the little bastard, so I threw him back in the lake... I'm such a good guy.