THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (October 10, 2010 - January 5, 2011)

What can I say? It's been one helluva trip... The pictures below are the best of the best. Enjoy!

NEW YORK: This is one of my favourite spots in Manhattan. It's kinda ghetto, but oh so beautiful. The LES skatepark is really close and so are all the good stuff in Chinatown. Also, this is where I met Jordan and Jake from Amarillo, Texas. That coincidental meeting would lead to some of the best times on my entire trip. I totally lucked out. Yay!

NEW YORK: The Big Apple offers alot for us skateboarders. Not only great places to skate, but also great skaters to watch. This dude had the smoothest style ever - backlip fs revert, First session on US soil for almost three years. Blam!

WASHINGTON DC: I only stayed in the capital of the United States for one night, but I got so much stuff done: Sightseeing, museums and - of course - skateboarding. I also met this bad ass crew in Pulaski Park: Balarama, Jimi, Lance, S-Dog and Gerald. We had such a great time...

TAMPA: Next stop was my friend Mike in Florida. Warm weather, concrete parks and fishing. Wonderful!

TAMPA: What can I say? I love Hooters. Hot sauce and hot saucy girls...

TAMPA: Sessions with Mike (and sometimes his little nephew Malik) during the warm Florida evenings. Can't beat that.

MEMPHIS: I'm back in the Dirty South and I'm back in the dirty ditch. This time I saw an Armadillo. What a fricking cool animal!


MEMPHIS: The evenings at Terry's bowl. Oh mama! What sessions we had.

MEMPHIS: One of my favourite spots in Memphis. The Downtown location means hobos, pidgeons and very dirty. Still love it.

Got ditch? Yes.

ALBUQUERQUE: Since it was snowing in Amarillo we went west. Jake, Jordan and me at the classic Indian School Ditch.

ABQ: Internet celebrity Jake "dude you have no quran" Isom smacks a frontside five-0 in the Dave's dark backyard.

ABQ: Jordan Rifenberg is one of the coolest guys I've ever met. His ollies are cool too...

ABQ: Dave rocks even when he grabs.

ABQ: 5000 feet up.


MEMPHIS: American curiosa and random skateboard gear.

MEMPHIS: Viking traditions.

CHATTANOOGA: Go on now! Get daddy a cold beer.

MEMPHIS: The nights are getting cold, but that doesn't stop us. Midnight. Midtown. Matt. Megaflip.

DALLAS: Texas was warm and very skateable.

MEMPHIS: The December weather was mostly awesome - so were the last sessions.

MEMPHIS: Yes, Christmas is coming - and I'm leaving!

CHICAGO: Last skateboard picture on the trip. Pretty sweet, huh?