After a pretty damn crazy trip from Miami to Tampa in Mike's silver Benz (it rained like hell and we got lost so many times), I was finally safe and relatively dry on the other side of the Florida peninsula.
In the car outside Miami. Rainy and windy. Dark too.
Mike: Are those leaves?
Me: Looks that way.
Mike: Oh wait! It's potato chips!
Me: No way! ... You're right, I can hear them clatter (I really could).
We both stared at the things for a while. I swear I could see a big ruffled one rolling by. Then we realized it wasn't chips. Or maybe it was. Haha.
Ben Orville. Nollie heel. Bradenton park.
The last couple of days have been the same as most all other days on this trip: Awesome! Very awesome indeed. The main difference, with the expeption of Miami, is that awesome days here in Tampa includes very warm weather. A far from unimportant detail when it comes to creating a perfect day for us skaters. Mike and me have been checking out the skateparks in and around the bay area. Despite many cool parks, The Bro Bowl is still my favourite. We were there yesterday and we're going there tomorrow. Today, however, we went to a skatepark in Bradenton. Since it was president's day - and school's were closed - the place was packed. Kids everywhere. Normally I hate that, but this time it was still possible to have a good session. Met some really cool people and had a kick-ass time!
Beer, wings and basketball. Oh yeah.
A few days ago we went to a competition in St Petersburg. Good fun!
Trying out my new snapback.
My gear halfway through the trip.

The classic gap at the classic spot.

Two cool cats. Haha.