The winter still holds the German capital its icy grip.
But we don't care:
Simon in the sun. Backside tailslide and a pop. Over and out.
Tom discovers the East Pole. No ice and no penguins - but pretty damn cold!
Bench warmer.
Me, Tom and Simon have been skating all day every day until the snow/rain/wet-things-from-above came this morning and put a stop to it. No more good times. At least not until next week. Blurk.
Still, there are fun things to do in the snow:
This ain't no art - it's snow art!
The Berlin night are still very cold, so when the opportunity came to skate this gymnasium at a school in Mitte we all said: Hell yeah!
Local ripper Dennis backside nosegrinds with ease (and steez) on a wooden bench.