Good morning Vietnam!
Ho Chi Minh City was crazy. The crowded city's traffic (read: motorbike mayhem) alone was enough to make me wish I was the only one in the world. Haha. No, not really, but having spent almost a week there skating with my old Aussie friend Dylan Jones (from and almost being run over by a speeding scooter every time I'm outside the hotel (they even drive on the f-ing sidewalk) a quiet beach town is most welcome.
Anyways... Now we are in Mui Ne.
After banana pancakes and strawberry yogurt milkshakes for breakfast we took a walk on the beach. I found (after quite a long time) seven seashells – one for each color of the rainbow. The blue ones weren't that blue but the rest were awesome.
Valentine's day is for EVERYBODY. Peace and love!
During mid-day we set out to find a legendary concrete bowl that we have heard about (and unsuccessfully looked for the previous day). Finally, after a long search, we found an old man out in a field somewhere who knew where it was – yay! He led us through his neighbor's plantation and suddenly, behind a huge mango tree and some tall coconut palms, we saw it...
"Your only in Vietnam once, bitch!" Forced fs rock in the almost-if-not-vert part. Hell yeah!
In conclusion, it wasn't a very romantic day, but from a skater's perspective it was oh so wonderful.